TAI FOODS MARKETING CO., LTD was established in 2013. Its business projects focus on Taiwan’s representative food and souvenirs, and promote the island’s cuisine to the markets of Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South East Asia, and North America. At this stage, it is not only exporting its products to overseas countries, but also actively developing the Taiwanese group buying market. The agency's products are diversified and rich, and the key task is to sell Chinese cuisine to the world. It is hoped that the "Taifoods carefully selected" quality assurance will bring customers an unforgettable delicious memory.

The company is located in the Taipei World Trade Center and actively participates in various sales promotion activities of the Foreign Trade Association. The brands currently represented include: Tachia Master, Fuyuan Peanut Butter, HEQIU FOOD, QIU HONG XIANG, Daintiest, Mango Tree Summer, etc., and have established strategic partnerships with the original factory. The two parties worked together to develop new products and work closely together to establish long-term trust and thus achieve great success. Among them, the customer recognition of Tachia Master has increased significantly after the repositioning of the brand. The newly launched taro core cake is unstoppable. We are gratified that the cross-strait has achieved 150,000 boxes and the production capacity is in short supply.

After years of hard work, the Taifoods team will continue to develop Taiwan’s supply chain and develop high-quality products. With the highest expectations of being "customers' best partner in Taiwan", Taiwan’s creativity and exquisite food will be integrated into the market demand and collaboratively developed. Competitive products, create a win-win situation with manufacturers and customers.