TAIFOODS MARKETING CO .,LTDFounded in 2013. The company's mission is dedicated to the export of Taiwanese food, and at this stage it focuses on Taiwanese souvenirs, agricultural specialties, and creative food. We focus on operating in the cross-strait markets and actively develop new markets in Southeast Asia.

Our company is located in the Taipei World Trade Center (World Trade Center One-next to Taipei 101). The brands we represent include: Dajiashi, Fuyuan Peanut Butter, Lujia Mango, Zhan Noodles, etc., and establish a strategic partnership with the original factory, and both parties develop together New products, close cooperation in business management, building long-term trust, and achieving great results. Among them, the customer recognition of Dajiashi has increased significantly after the brand repositioning. The co-produced taro flow core pastry is unstoppable and has accumulated more than 10,000 boxes. Eye results!

Looking forward to the future, the Taihu team will continue to go all out,
Bring the happiness of "eat in" to the global Chinese!
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