〔Asahi-Ya〕Konjac Noodles

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    Asahi-Ya-Brand Story

    Asahi-Ya was established in Linkou in 1988. Focusing on the products related to konjac with our earnest and sincere hearts, Asahi-ya has been consistent in the past several decades and finally become the konjac manufacturing company that is highly recognized in the market.
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    Asahi-Ya-Konjac Lath

    Transparent wide noodles absorb flavor easily, and you will love it once taste it.
    Low GI. Low calories. Free of starch. Contains abundant glucomannan. It helps you get rid of the fat easily, clean your intestinal tract, regulate your physique, and build up your health and beauty. It is a proud and smart eating style.
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    Asahi-Ya-Konjac Glass Noodles

    You can eat it in coolness during summer or put it into a hot pot for warmth in winter.
    It can be matched with Kyoto cold noodles, European-style salad, fried rice vermicelli with pumpkin, and Taiwanese-style sesame oil chicken soup. The texture is refreshing and al dente. It suits those who love delicious food but pursue a slim figure.
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    Asahi-Ya-Konjac Snow Noodles

    Modern healthy noodles; priority choice of new food
    It is smooth and easy to swallow as well as convenient to cook. You can create a delicious secret formula that is exclusive to yourself easily. It contains no starch and is in low calories. The abundant dietary fiber protects intestinal health for you so that you can bloom your beauty from inside out.
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    Asahi-Ya-Konjac Dices

    The delicate dices are not only delicious but also cute. Enjoy your dessert and keep yourself slim and pretty!
    Shaved ice and iced drinks that are refreshing and relieving the summer heat or hot sweet soup and hot grass jelly. No matter it is hot summer day or cold winter day, konjac dices are a thoughtful company for you.