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    QIU HONG XIANG-Brand Story

    Delicious feast
    We have launched curry deep fried dough stick, spicy deep fried dough stick, as well as squid and conch soup one after another.
    In the future, we will launch more delicious cuisines.
    If you love Taiwanese dishes,
    want to experience the cooking on your own
    but do not want to spend too much time,
    these are the home flavor of Taiwan that you must taste.
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    QIU HONG XIANG-Squid and conch soup

    Traditional restaurant dish in Taiwan! It has a classic and homey flavor.
    The sweet conch flesh soup stock matches with fresh squid~
    The salty and sweet taste makes the dish difficult to put down.
    It can be served on the table by simply heating it up.
    You will feel super contented to have a bowl in the winter! It’s stomach warming and heartwarming~