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    QIU HONG XIANG-Brand Story

    Delicious feast
    We have launched curry deep fried dough stick, spicy deep fried dough stick, as well as squid and conch soup one after another.
    In the future, we will launch more delicious cuisines.
    If you love Taiwanese dishes,
    want to experience the cooking on your own
    but do not want to spend too much time,
    these are the home flavor of Taiwan that you must taste.
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    QIU HONG XIANG-Squid and conch soup

    Traditional restaurant dish in Taiwan! It has a classic and homey flavor.
    The sweet conch flesh soup stock matches with fresh squid~
    The salty and sweet taste makes the dish difficult to put down.
    It can be served on the table by simply heating it up.
    You will feel super contented to have a bowl in the winter! It’s stomach warming and heartwarming~
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    QIU HONG XIANG-Curry deep fried dough stick

    Its fragrance and the crispy texture make you addicted to it!!
    It is not greasy at all. It is so delicious that
    I cannot stop munching on it one pack after another. I really love it.
    It’s good value for money. Stock up at home to enjoy it at any time!
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    QIU HONG XIANG-Spicy deep fried dough stick

    A good choice of snack for supper and side dish for main meal.
    You can eat it any time you want without needing to go out. Unseal the bag to satisfy your desire to eat immediately!
    It has a crispy texture and smells nice but not greasy. You can enjoy the delicacy and feel reassured.
    It is a good match with hot pot, congee, and instant noodles, pair it up with anything you wish.
    Have a few packs stored at home, and you can have a treat to your taste buds at any time!
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    HEQIU FOOD-Brand Story

    With our delicious spicy duck blood, spicy tofu, meat floss, and minced meat, all of which are developed in collaboration with chefs of star-rated restaurants, HEQUI is committed to the R&D as well as the production of gourmet food, enabling everyone to enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.
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    With more than a dozen Chinese herbal ingredients and peppercorns simmered to form the stock
    The hot and spicy stock is aromatic and pleasant to the palate, spicy but not throat irritating.
    Duck blood is then slowly cooked until it absorbs all the flavor of the stock.
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    HEQIU FOOD-Sergestid Shrimp Migao (Sticky Rice)

    HEQIU FOOD-Sergestid Shrimp Migao (Sticky Rice)

    Traditional HEQUI sticky rice with Sergestid shrimp
    The unique characteristics of sticky are its fragrance and sauce.
    That' s why HEQUI carefully selects local glutinous rice from Changhua, Taiwan
    Adding rice wine, sesame oil and fresh Sergestid shrimp
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    HEQIU FOOD-Bak'kut teh Bean Noodles

    HEQIU FOOD-Bak'kut teh Bean Noodles

    Unlike the peppery and spicy taste of Singaporean Bak'kut teh
    We have improved our Bak'kut teh to suit the taste of Taiwanese people
    Combining the aroma of more than 10 Chinese herbal ingredients and boiled meat bones perfectly
    Enjoy our rich and savory soup, experience happiness as you drink up the whole bowl
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    Using selected hard bean curd, its texture is firm and never mushy
    Slowly simmered with more than 10 Chinese herbal ingredients, the tofu absorbs the broth and cooks to perfection
    Finally, advanced technology is used to sterilize and package the tofu under high temperature and high pressure, making it possible to store at room temperature
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    HEQIU FOOD-Sesame Paste Noodles

    HEQIU FOOD-Sesame Paste Noodles

    Made with top-quality American patent flower noodles that can be cooked for long durations without breaking apart.
    Rustic noodle fragrance, with rich flavorful sesame paste
    The perfect combination with the chewy noodles, every bite is intensely satisfying!

    For those who want to eat sesame noodles that are rich in flavor, invite a partner and chow down!
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    HEQIU FOOD-Original Authentic Sliced Noodles

    HEQIU FOOD-Original Authentic Sliced Noodles

    Insisting on using the finest flour, the noodles are durable and chewy
    Each portion is packaged separately for easier storage, no worries about spoilage
    Healthy lightweight cuisine, without any fixed combination limits
    Any ingredients you want to eat can be mixed according to your liking

    Combine with minced meat and vegetables to make nutritious and delicious minced meat noodles
    For soup lovers, choose your favorite flavor and enjoy

    No more worrying about what to cook for lunch and dinner
    Convenient dishes are available here for light meals free of burden
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    HEQIU FOOD-Original Authentic Bean Noodles

    HEQUI Bean Noodles, chewy, smooth, not too mushy, not too firm.
    Drop it into a hot pot and match it with your favorite base
    Add spicy duck blood, spicy tofu, vegetables, wild mushrooms, assorted meat and seafood.
    An appetizing bowl of delicacies is served on the table.
    No added preservatives, artificial coloring, suitable for all ages
    Affordable price, good ingredients, generous portions, well worth the money of enjoyment.