〔Produced by the Mango-Lu〕Mango Tree Summer

Produced by the Mango-Lu-Mango Tree Summer(AiWen mangoes)

Produced by the Mango-Lu-Mango Tree Summer(AiWen mangoes)

Experience the AA-grade Irwin mango
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Experience the AA-grade Irwin mango,

where each fruit is grown on a single stem. Grown in rich and fertile soil, these mangoes are fed with organic milk fertilizers.

These mangoes have grown up drinking milk!

Benefiting from the region's unique geography, including ample sunlight and intense northeast monsoons during ripening, 

each fruit tree is grown with organic milk fertilizers to regulate soil bacteria and ensure each mango is nutrient-rich. 

Each mango is grown on a single stem, providing the best-growing needs.

(1) Lu Family Quality – Eligible for Exporting to Japan

(2) Herbaceous Cultivation – No Herbicides

(3) Naturally Ripen – No Artificial Ripening

(4) Natural Milk Fragrance – Liquid Milk Fertilizer


Name of ProductMango Tree Summer
Shelf life:At least one day at room temperature, 7 days refrigerated
Gross weight:3.2kg

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