Brand Story

Brand Story


Originating in Taiwan in the 1980s, the harmonious pairing of tea beverages - brown sugar tapioca balls and milk tea - was a stroke of culinary genius. Thriving organically, devoid of government intervention, it blossomed into a robust "homegrown" industry in Taiwan, yielding economic marvels and forging a distinctly Taiwanese cultural emblem.

This quintessential national beverage has traversed the globe, gracing major cities such as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and even Johannesburg, South Africa, where boba milk tea establishments have taken root.

With brilliance, Kaiser fused boba milk tea with chocolate, birthing what's now hailed as "edible boba milk tea." This culinary innovation heralded a fresh era in imaginative Taiwanese boba milk tea creations, captivating domestic and international audiences and solidifying its status as an indispensable souvenir in Ximending.

Established in 1976, Kaiser is a trailblazer in Taiwan's professional chocolate industry, spearheading research and development efforts. It has played an integral role in the joyful upbringing of countless Taiwanese children. Each Chinese New Year witnesses the formation of lengthy queues of trucks and bustling cash transactions.

For over four decades, Kaiser has matched the artistic prowess of European and American counterparts while infusing Taiwanese ingenuity. The brand consistently churns out beloved gift sets, leveraging its wealth of craftsmanship and market insight. Kaiser's most recent innovation, the Boba Chocolate series, took root in Ximending's souvenir shops, astonishingly igniting a trend. It has already garnered popularity among overseas Chinese consumers and those from Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

As we embark on the next forty years, Kaiser is entrusted to the second generation. General Manager Huang steadfastly upholds his father's entrepreneurial vision, aspiring to perpetuate the legacy of sumptuous Taiwanese chocolate craftsmanship for generations domestically and on the global stage.