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Bacon Jerky - Spicy (BIG size)

Bacon Jerky - Spicy (BIG size)

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【Bacon Jerky - Spicy
Crispy and with the unique flavor of Sichuan peppercorns, this bacon jerky creates a volcanic eruption of taste buds irresistible to any spice lover.
Handcrafted and roasted bacon jerky with a unique blend of traditional and modern sauces.

Experience the irresistible "Immerse Your Appetite" that blends traditional and modern methods passed down for two generations. Our secret sauces and handcrafted roasted bacon jerky are a must-try, offering four different ways to enjoy: grilled, mixed, stir-fried, or straight out of the bag. Each bite leaves a rich and fragrant aftertaste, providing complete satisfaction.

Name of Product:
Bacon Jerky -
Spicy (BIG size)
Specifications:140g/ bag
Pc/Carton:50 bags/ctn
Shelf life:120 days

Gross weight :8.7 kg 

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