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Bacon Jerky Gifts - 21

Bacon Jerky Gifts - 21

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Experience the irresistible "Immerse Your Appetite" that blends traditional and modern methods passed down for two generations. Our secret sauces and handcrafted roasted bacon jerky are a must-try, offering four different ways to enjoy: grilled, mixed, stir-fried, or straight out of the bag. Each bite leaves a rich and fragrant aftertaste, providing complete satisfaction.

 - Honey Glazed
Sweet and delicious, the honey-glazed bacon jerky builds a stronghold of tradition and modernity on your tongue.

- Black Pepper
Sprinkled with distinct black pepper grains, the aroma is intense and bold. As you crush the pepper grains between your teeth, you'll experience a dazzling dance of flavor and texture between the brown, shiny bacon and the pepper.

 - Spicy
Crispy and with the unique flavor of Sichuan peppercorns, this bacon jerky creates a volcanic eruption of taste buds irresistible to any spice lover.
Handcrafted and roasted bacon jerky with a unique blend of traditional and modern sauces.

Name of Product:
Bacon Jerky Gifts -21

(Honey Glazed @ 7 bags, Black Pepper @ 7 bags, Spicy @ 7 bags)
Pc/Carton:10 boxes/ctn
Shelf life:120 days

Gross weight :9.43 kg 

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